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4811 Vine Street, St. Bernard, OH 45217




Raffle Contest


How to win? Come to Wiedemanns Beer Boxing Championship and Buy a Raffle Ticket from the "SEMPER FI GIRLS" during the fights. Win cash prize at the Raffle Drawing
Haley Florence #1
Home Town: Cincinnati, Ohio
Favorite Food: Smoothie King
Hobby: Boxing
Melissa Prantl #3
Home Town: Norwood, Ohio
Favorite Food: Pistachios
Hobby: Cooking
Carlie Jackson #2
Home Town: Cincinnati, Ohio
Favorite Food: Italian Food
Hobby: Dancing
Cali Botkin #4
Home Town: Campbellsville, Ky
Favorite Food: Pineapple
Hobby: Playing music & Jamming with friends
Gabriela Medina #5
Home Town: San Juan
Puerto Rico
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter
Hobby: Yoga
Paige Hollmeyer #6
Home Town: Cincinnati
Favorite Food:
Vegan Chicken Wings
Hobby: Painting
Jessica O'Connor #7
Home Town: Sparta, Ky
Favorite Food: Pasta
Hobby: Modeling, LoL
Lizzie Murphy #8
Home Town: Chicago, Ill
Favorite Food: Pasta
Hobby: Soccer
Amanda Banic #9
Home Town: Wadsworth, Ohio
Favorite Food: Italian food
Hobby: Painting & Drawing
Amber Kennedy #10
Home Town: Columbus, Ohio
Favorite Food: Ravioli
Hobby: Writing
Cecelia Orr #11
Home Town: Villa Hills, KY
Favorite Food: Crab Legs
Hobby: Art & Photography
Alexa Helmick #12
Home Town: Somerset, PA
Favorite Food:
Fettuccine Alfredo
Hobby: Playing with Dogs